October Client Spotlight!

Cory Janca cory-janca_2016 was born in Visalia, CA and attended Golden West High School. He graduated in 2009. Cory says “The Creative Center is such a blessing for everyone, including myself”. “They encourage self-expression and self-advocacy through art and they succeed at that every single day”.

Cory has been attending The Creative Center for 7 years  and is still enjoying it. He performs, sculpts, draws and enjoys the company of his peers. “Isn’t that what life’s all about?” Cory says
He is currently working on the Christmas play. It is a play on the Christmas Carol except it is not another telling of the famous novel. Our staff is portrayed by the students in this original piece and provides a perfect moral story for any generation. Speaking of stories….. “if not for the encouragement of friends, family, and the staff at The Creative Center” Cory says, “I would not have been able to write my own novel…. that has been published!”
Check out Corey’s client profile here

One thought on “October Client Spotlight!

  1. I really appreciate the praise and support, it leaves me wanting to keep on impressing you. I still strive to impress people even if they are not impressed. haha, but hey, you can never make absolutely everyone happy.

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